Water Leaks and Damage Most Common Maintenance Issue

Woman holding a bucket so the leaking water falls into it and calling for help.Water leaks and water damage is a common and major maintenance issue that can cost apartment buyers and owners thousands of dollars to repair.

Faulty workmanship, poor design or poor-quality materials and ageing are major factors in apartments or high-rise buildings that developing water leaks.

Water leaks are one of the major issues facing the ongoing boom of apartment building industry. Many major cities are renovating high-rise buildings and suburban areas. These buildings are considered older building and usually have water damage along with other problems due to lack of maintenance.

Water damage can occur due to:

  • Poor sealing of balconies.
  • Lack of roof maintenance.
  • Lack of maintenance on windows and external doors.
  • Deterioration of tanking for below-ground car parks and basements.

Water is a very destructive fault as it has both short and long-term impacts, which can make a building uninhabitable

Apart from water damaging plasterboard and causing structural timber rot, it can also have a major safety impact on an apartment if water enters electrical fittings. Water can also have a major health impact caused by the dampness and growth of mold. 

It only needs one leak caused by a poor sealing job or a broken tile or a blocked drainage point to cause substantial damage to a building and an adjoining property.

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