Acting Labor Commissioner Reminds NY of New Department of Labor Mold Program

Albany, NY (December 09, 2015) -
Acting New York State Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon today reminded New York property owners and mold assessment and remediation professionals that on January 1, 2016, new licensing requirements for mold contractors, assessors and workers are set to take effect. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo earlier this year signed into law a bill requiring that assessors and contractors in the mold remediation industry and their workers be properly trained and licensed.

“The New York State Department of Labor is committed to ensuring that those who do important work abating mold are licensed and trained,” said Acting Commissioner Reardon. “The Department of Labor’s new Mold Program will establish licensing requirements and minimum working standards so New Yorkers can be confident that the professionals who deal with mold problems are properly trained.”

The new Mold Program has three components:

  1. Training: The Mold Program will protect consumers by requiring contractors to obtain appropriate training prior to being licensed to perform mold assessment, remediation or abatement services.
  2. Licensing: Contractors will not be allowed to advertise or perform covered work without the required license, with limited exceptions such as home or business owners performing work on their own properties.
  3. Minimum Work Standards: The Mold Program also establishes new minimum work standards for mold assessments and remediation activities by licensed professionals, including:
    • Protection against fraud by prohibiting the performance of both the assessment and remediation on the same property by the same individual;
    • Protection against fraud by requiring an independent mold assessment to define the scope of the remediation work;
    • Identification of disinfectant products, consistent with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards;
    • Provision of personal protection equipment to employees, as necessary;
    • Posted notice of the project and the contractor's licenses; and
    • Completion of a post-remediation assessment.

Information on the Department of Labor’s Mold Program can be found at

The website contains information for professionals and individuals regarding the licensing process, links to all pertinent forms and general information on the subject of mold and the health risks it poses.

For more information on the health risks of mold, please visit the New York State Department of Health’s mold page at


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