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What Is Ventilation?

Ventilation is mainly used to control indoor air quality by diluting and displacing indoor pollutants and moisture. While your house does not need to breathe, it does need to be able to dry out. Almost all the byproducts that happen inside an occupied house relate to moisture being released. Not only does one have to worry about this moisture, but also what the weather is like outside.

Health Risks & Hazards:
  • Over exposure to VOC's
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Corrosion of metal
  • Foul odors
  • Mold
  • High energy bills
  • Respiratory health issues
  • Structural decay
  • Damage to building materials (drywall)
Why Is A Mechanical Ventilation System Necessary?
  • To provide oxygen for occupants since people deplete oxygen as they breath. In a reasonably airtight home with no ventilation you would feel the effects of that in quite short order.
  • To remove contaminants – because along with the toxins emitted by the human body (ammonia, benzene, carbon monoxide and methane to name but a few), chemicals in building materials and furnishings continue to off-gas for many years after installation.
  • To remove the excess humidity generated by normal human activity in order to ensure building durability and efficiency in heating.
Why We Are The Best

  • Over 20 years of specific commercial and residential experience of all facets of Building Performance and Indoor Air Quality.
  • Proven track record of on-time and on-budget completion.
  • Large resource of equipment and labor to get the job done right and efficient.
  • Insured, Bonded and Verified Staff for every facet of the project.
  • A+ BBB Rating. Our staff is the highest trained and certified of our industry. We ensure every client is completely satisfied, a customer referral is our best compliment.
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