How to know when you need to call the exterminator

No one likes thinking that their home is infested with creepy crawlies or other unpleasant critters, but the unfortunate truth of it is that where there’s one, there’s usually more.

You might be thinking that by spraying to cockroach you saw crawling out from under the fridge may have fixed the problem, or that by setting a rat trap you caught the culprit who has been sneaking bites from the pantry. But it turns out that we may actually need to call the exterminator sooner than we think.

How to know when to call the exterminator

Rats and Mice

Bite marks in food, seeing a mouse or a rat in the middle of the day, or hearing scratching noises in the cavity of your home are all signs that it is time to call in the professionals.

running mouse


Unfortunately, if you spot just one small cockroach scurrying across your floors it is time to call in the pest controller.


Once a nest of ants has trodden a permanent trail through a crack in the floor or a windowsill it’s time to get a professional in to clear your home. A permanent trail can be spotted by a small colony of ants all moving along a production-style line between two locations.



If your walls have suddenly started to sound hollow when you knock them, or someone inadvertently puts a hand through your wall, or windows and doors that previous swing freely are suddenly sticking or hard to open, it might be time to get a termite inspection done of your home.


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