Anger grows over Ebenezer eyesore

BUFFALO, N.Y. — It's supposed to bring beauty, but to some, the former Ebenezer Greenhouse is currently nothing but a blight.

The family-owned business is located on one of West Seneca's busiest throroughfares — Union Road — about a block away from the town hall and newly-opened library and community center.

To many residentts and town officials,  the property has become an eyesore and a safety concern. There are piles of debris, broken glass, shopping carts, overgrown weeds and building materials among the remnants of the greenhouses.

"You try to keep your house and everything else and you have a mess like that it's just taking down the value of your home," said Mike Koester, who lives down the street from the property. 

Ebenezer Greenhouse, owned by Raymond Kummer, has been in West Seneca since 1961. He took over the business from this father. They are selling the property to help pay for his mother's care in a nursing home. 

Kummer has already sold parts of the greenhouse buildings and is in the process of taking down some of the others structures on the property.  Some of the building materials contain asbestos, which can be harmful if people breathe it. 

Neighbors are also concerned about the potential for rodents, along with the overgrown weeds and other safety hazards.

Town board member Gene Hart says he's heard the complaints from residents. The code enforcement office has been pushing the owners to take care of it and the town could issue fines if it's not cleaned up soon.

"We have insisted that he bring on some dumpsters," Hart said. "We're after him constantly to get this cleaned up. Believe it or not, as bad as this looks right now, this is an improvement over what it was three weeks ago."

Kummer says he's been on the site everyday for the past two weeks trying to pick up the debris. 

"As far as the clean-up, we're on our third dumpster. We're actively cleaning up. There are three areas we're cleaning up. We just want everybody to know we're doing our best," Kummer said.

The owner says Young Development has agreed to purchase the property. He says, as part of the agreement, the the developers will take care of removing the asbestos, the weeds and some of the other debris.

Kummer expects the sale to close in September. Young Development did not respond to calls for comment. 


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