Experts give tips on how to get rid of stink bugs

Many people know them as stink bugs, and entomologists said it’s not uncommon to see these bugs in your home during the winter months as they are trying to get out of the cold.

As it warms up, they tend to be more actives and start to come out of hiding from the small spaces and cracks in your home.

The type of stink bug that is most common is the brown marmorated. They are an invasive species that feed on fruits, vegetables, and plants.

A SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry entomologist said the best way to keep them out of your home is to make sure all the small cracks and spaces near windows, doors, and attics are sealed.

She said these bugs are highly invasive and reproduce quickly.

“You want to kill them somehow but, if you’re willing to sacrifice your vacuum cleaner on occasion then you can vacuum them up,” Kim Adams said.

If you squish the bug, they emit a smell, you can try to vacuum them up, but the smell still may be a problem.

We have reached out to the Department of Public Safety for a comment but have not gotten a response at this time.


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