How rodents can cause car trouble in winter months

Your home isn't the only place you should worry about rodents. Regional Manager of Wil-Kil Pest Control, Jason Freels, said rodents can also make their way into your vehicles. 

Freels said during the winter, animals from mice to opossums can inch their way into steering columns, vents and pedal shafts. 

He said there aren't many ways to prevent rodents from invading your car, but there are warning signs.

"Inspecting the inside of your vehicle by lifting the hood and just checking to see if you see any accumulation of leaves or organic material or even chewed wires. Sometimes, you'll be able to see chewed wires, but mice are pretty good hiders for the most part," Freels said.

Freels said he's seen turn signals stop working, and even cars that can't start anymore because of chewed wires. 

If you think you have a rodent in your car, Freels said take it to a mechanic.


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