Following Brutal Wind Storm, Lockport Residents Deal With 2+ Feet Of Snow

LOCKPORT, N.Y. -- Mother Nature doesn't seem to want to give Lockport a break.

“We came off a severe windstorm last week, and right into a huge snowstorm this week,” Lockport Mayor Anne McCaffrey said.

City residents were just recovering from the whipping winds that caused major damage and power outages when close to 30 inches of snow decided to drop over the last few days. McCaffrey said what happened was unprecedented and chaotic.

“It's unusual for us,” McCaffrey remarked. “We are usually not the community that gets the greatest amount of snow.”

Folks who live on Irving Street may have had it worst of all. Many went without electricity for several days last week as they waited for a broken pole to get replaced.

Dylan McDermott said he shoveled his driveway before leaving for work Wednesday morning, only to come home to a winter mess.

“Knee deep with snow. Brutal,” said McDermott. “Weird how the weather's been this year. How it goes from a high one day, next day it's 40 degrees, 30 degrees out.”

Others weren't bothered by the sudden change in weather despite their hardship a few days prior.

“We've had a mild winter," said Stephane Mainville. "I grew up in Quebec in snow country. Not that we didn't get that much in one blast, but I'm used to it.”

Mayor McCaffrey tells us at any given time during this storm, they had six trucks out plowing and some 20 staffers on hand. She said by commuting time Wednesday evening, many of the roads were clear for travel once more.

“We deal with the issue at hand on a given day and just get through it. I cannot commend our staff enough, they’ve done an amazing job,” said McCaffrey.


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