Asbestos Removal Professionals in Perth: “Be Extremely Careful with Asbestos after Natural Disasters.”

Perth, WA, 06 October 2016 - Anyone in the Perth area doesn’t have to be told that natural disasters seem to be on the rise, both in Western Australia and across Australia. Climate change has brought more intense storms, floods and bushfires to neighbourhoods once thought of as “safe.” The immediate damage of these storms is obvious, but the long term damage isn’t always visible.

One of the most subtle but dangerous long term effects of natural disasters is asbestos disposal. Asbestos disposal can cause a number of lung diseases, including mesothelioma. This is because when building materials containing asbestos are broken, flooded or otherwise disturbed, it causes microscopic asbestos particles to become airborne. They are invisible and imperceptible, but they can cause very real damage when inhaled into the lungs.

Any Building Built Before 2004 May Contain Asbestos

Before 2004, it was legal to build with asbestos in Australia. It was used for such purposes as drywall, home insulation and to insulate pipes for heating, cooling and tap water. The effects of asbestos were evident in the 1990’s, so a lot of builders stopped using it then, but many continued to use it right up until the last day it was legal: 31 December 2003.

Buildings that contain asbestos aren’t necessarily dangerous. As long as none of the materials that contain asbestos are disturbed, nobody is exposed to it. Under normal living conditions, the worst exposure is when DIY home renovators don’t know their drywall is made of asbestos and take it down as they would standard drywall. This exposes their entire family and neighbours to asbestos.

Natural Disasters: Asbestos Exposure to the Max

When natural disasters happen, the aftermath is usually chaos. Emergency workers, clean up crews and homeowners trying to clean their own property can be walking into a situation that is even worse than it seems. The sheer amount of damage and chaos can result in entire areas being overwhelmed. Sometimes safety regulations go out the window as workers scurry to make areas liveable again.

Walls aren’t the only materials that can be filled with asbestos. Others include block insulation, acoustic ceiling material, pipe lagging, taping compounds, plasters, vinyl floor tiles and roofing felt.

Mathew Del Bianco is the owner of AAA Skips, who provide skip bins for asbestos disposal in Perth suburbs north of the river. According to Mr Del Bianco:

“Other than flooded areas and fallen power lines, asbestos is the biggest threat a homeowner or emergency worker faces after a natural disaster. The fibres are microscopic; once they get in the air, you can’t see them. But they sure can wreak havoc on your health.”

Mr Del Bianco concluded: “Our advice is to always stay away and hire professionals. If you have to enter the area for any reason, be sure to wear a breathing mask. It can save you a lifetime of health problems.”

AAA Skips offer skip bin hire and asbestos removal in Perth suburbs north of the river . They pride themselves on being a family business that provides the best customer service in the industry. When they say they treat their customers like family, they mean it. To learn more, call 0438 918 850 or visit their website today

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