PDC to tack on another $1M to demolish even more of Centennial Mills

The more demolition crews have shined new light on the long-hidden innards of Centennial Mills, the more surprises they've revealed.

The latest: a former feed mill building that was once being considered for restoration is now in danger of collapsing into the Willamette River. As a result, the Portland Development Commission will consider tacking a little more than $1 million onto a contract with Northwest Demolition and Dismantling to tear the building down. PDC has approved a total budget for the demolition of $13.7 million and notes in a report that the additional costs of demolishing the feed mill remain within budget.

According to the report, as crews demolished and deconstructed other buildings at the Centennial Mills site, previously unreachable areas were exposed. One of those areas was the foundation of the feed mill building, which appears to have sunk at least six inches in one corner, causing the building to lean in that direction.

Engineers have also voiced concerns that the building is unstable in part because it is sitting on the existing seawall. That seawall may be weakened when some of the existing wharf is removed, and that is what could lead to the building's collapse into the river.

Source: http://www.bizjournals.com/portland/blog/real-estate-daily/2016/09/pdc-to-tack-on-another-1m-to-demolish-even-more-of.html

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