Buffalo Zoo fined for exposing workers to lead & silica dust in reptile house

The reptile house has had problems with lead paint for years

NY Senate to vote on new rules for toxins in toys
Lawmakers in New York have passed legislation

Buffalo landlord arrested for violating public health law for lead paint exposure
A Buffalo landlord is accused of violating a public health law for lead paint exposure.

House Passes Bill Encouraging Radon Testing In Schools
A bill that encourages schools to test for radon is headed to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s desk

Employer, insurers must cover asthma meds long after asbestos exposure
An appeals court in Florida on Wednesday ordered an employer and its insurers to continue to cover asthma medications

Mold, moisture and your home
Molds are part of the natural environment.

Is your home’s indoor air quality as good as it can be?
It’s winter and that means most of us have our homes closed up tight to keep out the cold.

EPA to spend nearly $1M to demolish building containing asbestos in Otsego
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plans to spend an estimated nearly $1 million to demolish a building

Buffalo's slumlord problem 'out of control'
With real estate booming, some neighborhoods feel left behind

What to Know About the Dangers of Radon Gas in Your Home
You can’t touch it, see it, or smell it but radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer

How to know when you need to call the exterminator
Pests be gone!

Resolving a Carpenter Ant Infestation
The damage caused by carpenter ants is distinct

Aging Bed Bug Infestations
How Long Have They Been Here?

Cats don't deserve their rat-catching reputations
Rats overestimate the risk posed by cats

You’ve tackled the more obvious sources of airborne pollutants in your home.

Why cockroaches are so hard to kill
how do cockroaches manage to thrive all around the globe?

Time to call the exterminator, or not!
let us have a look at some of the most common pests

Was that a bed bug on my couch?
This app has the answer

Carpenter ants in the winter?
carpenter ants are living in the walls

Bedbugs and how to get rid of them
Bites from bedbugs can be difficult to distinguish from the bites of other insects

Mice and rats
The following tips help prevent rodent infestations

Slipping Through the Cracks
Structural exclusion is the industry’s first line of defense against rats

Bed Bugs in Schools?
The Creepy Truth

Your Christmas Tree Could Present an Unwanted Pest
The Spotted Lanternfly is an Invasive Bug from Asia

Despite recent cleanups, Philadelphia schools still expose kids and teachers to asbestos
After the successful cleanup of more than half a dozen schools, and with 38 more planned

Radon Testing
Inspect, Detect, and Correct

The Dangers of Mold
According to the CDC

Bed Bug Myths
consult a qualified pest management professional

Keep bedbugs off your holiday guest list
an unwanted, uninvited, and expensive present: bedbugs

Radon remains a hazard in Genesee County
Where does radon come from?

AM&A's project in doubt as developer's legal, financial troubles mount
Plans to convert the former AM&A's building downtown into a Wyndham Hotel

Mouse in The House?
You and Everybody Else

What do Buffalo's Central Terminal and the Taj Mahal have in common?
This past spring, Buffalo's Central Terminal joined world-famous destinations on the World Monuments Fund Watch List.

Anger grows over Ebenezer eyesore
t's supposed to bring beauty, but to some, the former Ebenezer Greenhouse is currently nothing but a blight.

EPA is now allowing asbestos back into manufacturing
Fast Company recently reported on the potential comeback of one of the most infamous building materials of recent memory.

Worst upgrade ever
there are bed bugs on airplanes now

Radon mitigation now mandatory in new builds
New homes and businesses constructed in Powell will be required to mitigate a cancer-causing gas that’s prevalent in Ohio.

Construction on Northtown Plaza in Amherst halted after asbestos found
Construction for the Northtown Plaza is at a halt after asbestos was found on the site

Bed bugs love your stinky laundry
Here’s how to keep them away

What Global Warming Trends Mean for Mosquitoes
mosquito season extends past the summer months

Ants communicate
'cast ballots' with a kiss

7 On Your Side Investigates: Hazardous chemicals stored below Long Island school's classrooms
Renovations are set to begin this summer at a middle school with years of documented air quality concerns

Wasp Nest and Wasp Sting Solutions
don’t confuse wasps with

Moles and voles and yards with holes
It’s spring

The 5 stinging insects to watch out for this summer
Those moments stick because they are painful

6 signs you have a bedbug problem
In the past two decades, the rate of bedbug infestations has increase

Carpenter ants play many roles
carpenter ants do plenty of ecosystem remodeling on their own

Bedbugs a ‘part of your future’
Infestations common problem for first responders
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