WNYers urged to get screened for lung cancer
November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and the push is on to help save lives.

‘Inhumane conditions’ at this jail include rodent feces, mold: suit
A lawsuit filed Monday alleges inmates at a medium-security jail in St. Louis live in “inhumane conditions”

Spiders still causing problems in some Toyotas
Matt Imholt recently got into his 2015 Toyota Camry, and noticed it smelled of mold.

Pests may be hiding in your Christmas tree
There could be more than just presents hiding beneath your Christmas tree this year.

Autumn Isn't cold enough
The cooler temperatures of autumn may not be a cause for celebration if you prefer lounging on the beach to cuddling by the fire

Cleanup From California Fires Poses Environmental and Health Risks
Dr. Karen Relucio has heard reports of people digging into the ashes of their burned homes in recent days without gloves

Research shows Pest Resistance
Research shows pest resistance to GM Bt crops is surging

Bed bugs evidently love your dirty laundry
Bed bugs find your dirty laundry cozy.

Summertime pests thriving in unseasonable heat
In the second official week of fall, when the temperatures reached 90 degrees, exterminators were still busy with summertime house calls.

Detroit Bus Drivers Expose Deplorable Working Conditions
Detroit bus drivers say they’re fed up working in deplorable conditions

U.S. Approves Release Of Genetically Enginereed Moths In NY
Plans to release genetically engineered moths in upstate New York to control invasive pests have been approved by the USDA.

They're Not Always A Pest
Insects don't get the respect they deserve

Federal Grant of $400,000 announced to Help Eradicate Potato Pest
Efforts to fight a pest that threatens the potato industry are getting a boost from the federal government.

The science behind those fire-ant rafts
“Life likes to live,” Kevin Haight said after viewing a photo of reddish-brown swirls in a floodwater eddy in southeast Texas.

Rust Belt cleanup gives inside view of Buffalo's revival

Anthony Demiglio knows the ins and outs of the region's major construction projects like few other people. After all, he makes sure they're cleaned up first.


Radioactive ‘hotspot’ work halted in Falls and Lewiston
Federally funded work to remove radioactive gravel from numerous hotspots in Niagara County has run out of money and come to a halt.

How to get rid of cockroaches
Cockroaches are pests all around the world.

Asbestos in Your Area
Asbestos is a problem in every state, whether from its heavy use in various industries or from natural deposits.

Homeowner discovers a new health hazard—old drywall compound
An Amherst mother of three learned a hard lesson during a home repair project, when asbestos was discovered

Schools prevent mold over summer break
Midstate school districts have plans in place to avoid mold growth in their buildings during the summer break.

Protect Your Home From an Invisible—and Fatal—Danger: Radon
Roughly 57 lung cancer deaths per day are caused by a radioactive, invisible, odorless and tasteless gas lurking in millions of American homes.

Abatement of apartment buildings called for in lead paint settlement
Two Buffalo apartment buildings will undergo extensive renovation to resolve lead paint hazards

Former professional football player pleads guilty in asbestos case
Sean P. Doctor went from professional football to fighting fires to owning his own asbestos removal company.

Rockland County Health Dept. Reminds Residents Of Mosquito Treating

Rockland Co. Health Department would like to remind residents to start treating catch and storm basins to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

New trail in Tonawanda's Lincoln Park designed to solve drainage problem

Even before the recent heavy rains caused flooding in Western New York, Lincoln Park in the Town of Tonawanda had problems with standing water

Air Quality Awareness Week
Learn how air quality affects your health during Air Quality Awareness Week, Monday, May 1 - Friday, May 5, 2017.

New Allegheny County Program Offers Lead Paint Remediation For Renters And Homeowners
Allegheny County kicked off its Lead Safe Homes Program last week, which helps residents identify and remove lead-based paint hazards in their homes.

Asbestos Disposal: Is Recycling Asbestos an Option?
Asbestos is a dangerous toxin that needs to be handled with the utmost care.

Time to stock up on mosquito repellent! This year's mild winter and wet spring will lead to insect pests coming out in full force for much of the US
The mild winter temperatures across much of the US and periodic precipitation in most areas are the cause 

Asbestos Deaths Remain A Public Health Concern, CDC Finds
People are still dying of cancer linked to asbestos, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control says, despite decades of regulations meant to limit dangerous exposure.

When Insurance Will (and Won't) Cover Water Damage
Too much water in your home, especially in the wrong place, usually leads to a soggy, miserable cleanup.

EPA Investigating The Home Depot Over Compliance with Lead-Paint Rule
(EPA) is investigating home improvement store The Home Depot over compliance with agency rules governing work on sites where lead paint is present

Thaw causing some basement flooding in Kimberley
The melt is underway, and a few problems are popping up.

Tenant claims two months without heat due to improper asbestos removal
What should have been a pretty simple job at a home on Lakeview Avenue in Buffalo turned into a much bigger one, and a nightmare for the home’s tenant.

Now, the big dig out
Snow continues to fall over central New York after Tuesday’s all-day snow storm dumped 19 inches at Syracuse’s Hancock Airport and as much as 40 inches in parts of the Mohawk Valley.

Following Brutal Wind Storm, Lockport Residents Deal With 2+ Feet Of Snow
Mother Nature doesn't seem to want to give Lockport a break.

Mildew problems ongoing at detention center
Pitt County Detention Center officials plan to bring in the county's health inspector next week to figure out what more can be done to combat a mildew problem that detainees say is causing them respiratory issues and sinus problems.

Oklahoma City mom warns of lead based paint after daughter gets sick
A potential poison could be hiding in your home.

How Indoor Air Quality Can Impact Your Heart Health
People don’t usually think that indoor air quality would affect heart health.

Asbestos forced couple out of apartment for two years: suit
An Upper East Side couple has had to live apart for two years after creeping toxic dust from a neighbor’s gut renovation forced them out of their $2 million apartment, a lawsuit claims.

Radon in Lehigh Valley: What to do about 'insidious problem'
It's the second leading cause of lung cancer and most people don't know what it is.

Paul Bianchina: Proper fan is essential for a moisture-free bathroom
Is your bathroom suffering from steaming mirrors? Maybe a bit of mildew in the corners? And of course, those unpleasant odors!

Is It Safe to Buy a Home With an Elevated Radon Level?

This odorless gas is deadly serious, but addressing the problem is easy

Asbestos: The silent killer that could be lurking inside your home
Asbestos still kills around 5,000 people a year – more than the number of people killed on the roads.

Tougher N.J. law targets kids' lead paint threat

Christie signs law lowering amount of toxic metal allowed in kids' blood before a homeowner must take action.

Charity promise after asbestos poisoning takes life of much-loved grandfather

A dying grandad who won a court battle to be compensated for asbestos poisoning has died. David William Mahoney passed away peacefully in St Helena Hospice last month aged 56.

With Thousands Of Artifacts Threatened, Mark Twain House Begins Mold Removal Project
Historian and filmmaker Ken Burns once described the artifact collection of The Mark Twain House & Museum as a "treasure trove of unbelievable holdings on the life, work and history of Mark Twain.

Tips for radon awareness
January is National Radon Action Month, which aims to increase public awareness of radon, promote radon testing and mitigation and advance the use of radon-resistant new construction practices.

Tackling lead poison in Western New York
There are pockets in the City of Buffalo where lead paint poisoning is a major issue among children.

First bed bugs, now cancer? Is Rath Building responsible?
Is the county’s largest building responsible for multiple cases of cancer on only a few floors?

Tips on finishing, insulating basement floors
Q. We plan to finish our family room in the basement. What is the best type of flooring to use there?

How to deal with the snow and prepare for the thaw, from roof to basement
Before the snow melts, you'll need a plan to protect your property from damage.

3 things parents should know about lead
Lead poisoning is a hot topic in light of the water crisis in Flint, Mich., but parents need to be mindful of more than just their water supply.

EPA Designates January as National Radon Action Month
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has designated January as National Radon Action Month.

$4M asbestos removal underway at old federal courthouse
Asbestos removal from the former James F. Battin Federal Courthouse in downtown Billings has begun, signaling a fresh start for the prominent five-story structure that has sat empty for several years.

Slipping Through the Cracks-Is There Radon in Your Building?
The due diligence process of a real estate transaction contains many elements, with those of environmental concern sometimes being the most important.…

New home headaches: Plumbing, mold issues force Longmont family out
This weekend, the Lilly family will be moving into their brand-new Longmont home for the second time this year.

Middle school to remove asbestos
New London Intermediate/Middle School will undergo a $14,000 asbestos removal project in its boiler room next summer.

Safety For You: Tracking down radon
When the weather changes and the cold winds blow we find ourselves closing up our homes from the outside.

Breathe in Clean Air at Home at Lesser Costs with Professional Duct Cleaning Services from Air Purification Technologies
Take a deep breath and relax, but do not fail to ponder over how clean the air is inside the home.

Asbestos: Still a global menace
As a 7-year-old child in suburban Sydney, Australia, Serafina Salucci recalls playing with white wall sheeting material leftover from her dad’s renovation of the family’s garage.

Mold runs rampant in colleges across the country
n the past several weeks, students have complained of mold in dorms and apartments. But we are not the only campus to experience the problem

Editorial: The preventable tragedy of lead poisoning calls for a comprehensive response
The fight against lead contamination is continuing in Erie County and, as recent tests have shown, there is a need for attention.

Demolition of Carriage Shops in Amherst begins, paving way for large new project
AMHERST — A significant project that will bring up to 140 new residents — and possibly high-paying jobs

$18 million Niagara-Wheatfield capital project proposal faces Tuesday vote
An $18 million capital project that would fund repair and renovation work at every building in the Niagara-Wheatfield Central School District is on the ballot Tuesday.

Mike Holmes: Catch that silent killer before it gets into your house
November is National Radon Action Month and every year my son, Mike Jr., and I get involved to help spread the word about radon.

Is Asbestos Hiding in Your House? How to Tell—and What to Do
Asbestos is a scary and extremely dangerous material that’s been linked to all kinds of health horrors, including mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

Bethlehem Steel fire: 6 city blocks burn near Buffalo, plume could reach Orchard Park
Smoke billows from the site ofa massive blaze at the former Bethlehem Steel Mill in Lackawanna, N.Y., on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016.

Buffalo tightens lead paint rules for rental property
Buffalo is pushing hard against bad landlords and bad property managers in the fight against lead poisoning, especially lead poisoning in children.

Millions of older homes still have lead paint on the walls. Make sure yours is safe.
Although lead-based paint is off the market, millions of homes still have it on the walls.

Asbestos Removal Professionals in Perth: “Be Extremely Careful with Asbestos after Natural Disasters.”
Professionals offering skip bins for asbestos removal in Perth suburbs provide blueprint for asbestos disposal safety after natural disasters.

Where lead dust regulations fail us: demolitions
If you remodel, repaint or repair your house, federal regulators say you must control the spread of lead dust.

There are about 90 University of Maryland buildings with asbestos
About 90 buildings on the University of Maryland's campus contain asbestos, and five of those are so hazardous parts of those buildings are restricted to the public.

Real estate expert talks about buying and selling flooded properties
One month after the flood, the number of homes for sale is growing. Local real estate agents report new listings are popping up every day.

Crews Begin Assessing Flood Damage in Cumberland Co.
CUMBERLAND COUNTY -- As the threat of additional flooding diminishes, emergency crews in Cumberland County are transitioning from a response to a recovery mode.

PDC to tack on another $1M to demolish even more of Centennial Mills
The more demolition crews have shined new light on the long-hidden innards of Centennial Mills, the more surprises they've revealed.

Commission Agrees To Allow Demolition Of Two Historic Homes
No one could be found to move this circa 1800 home on Barcliff Avenue, so while some elements of the building will be salvaged, the building itself will be torn down.

Clement Hall asbestos not problem, officials say
With the fall semester now fully underway, many students have taken notice of the red tape and warning signs that can be seen in and around Clement Hall.

Bed bugs, asbestos found in city buildings
The city of Southfield is doing damage control after a complaint filed earlier this summer alleged safety and health hazards at two different worksites.

Sick Building Syndrome: What It Is and Tips for Prevention
"Sick building syndrome" is the name given to a collection of illnesses and symptoms that afflict multiple occupants of particular buildings.

Mold Removal Continues Inside Hillsborough High School
HILLSBOROUGH, NJ — Work to remove mold inside Hillsborough High School continues.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and radon gas: What you need to know
For Childhood Cancer Awareness month, SWAT Environmental, a leading radon mitigation service provider, has compiled key facts and advice about radon risks for concerned families.

Garden: Should I apply one last lawn fertilizer treatment in the fall?
Questions and answers to the Fall check list for your yard

10 Uncommon Home Inspections to Consider Before Selling

Hiring these specialized inspectors can help reveal potential problems before you’re scrambling to close on your home sale.

Queen City Landing court ruling under review by opponents
The two groups that have challenged Buffalo’s approval for the Queen City Landing project on the city’s waterfront said they are reviewing their legal options, including an appeal after a State Supreme Court ruling on Sept. 14 allowed the development to move ahead.

Testing kits address issue of lead paint in Buffalo
With lead paint in homes a continuing health concern in Buffalo, the city has purchased more than 1,400 testing kits and is about to buy about 14,000 more.

Queen City Landing asbestos removal to start for $60 million project
Preliminary asbestos removal within the former Freezer Queen property on Buffalo’s waterfront is expected to begin.

Lackawanna mother's home flooded
When a water main burst just down the street from her home Sunday, a Lackawanna's mother's home was flooded.

Environmental contamination impacts child's school performance
Study revels a link between the poor academic performance of primary school children and their level of exposure to environmental contaminants.

Strengthening a culture of prevention to mitigate asbestos exposure
107,000 workers around the world will die every year of an asbestos-related disease and 125 million people across the world will be exposed to asbestos in the workplace

Substance found in Jefferson Hospital's ER being tested for mold
A small portion of Jefferson Hospital’s emergency room was closed off as scientists begin testing a substance found in the wall of the hospital.

Brush Fire Safety: Firefighters Tackle Flames with Special Tools
Spring has sprung in Central New York, but that also sparks a seasonal hazard.

How to resolve 5 common waterproofing issues in commercial buildings
Correct waterproofing is an important part of this promise given the damage that leaky walls and roofs can cause to the occupant’s business.

'Third wave' of asbestos disease upends lives
The fire-resistant mineral first had killed asbestos miners, millers and manufacturing workers.

Mold-Infested Prisons Sicken Guards & Prisoners
New York’s Rikers Island jail, Candie Hailey was locked in a solitary confinement cell ventilated by a mold-covered air duct. 

State’s New Mold Law Viewed as ‘A Little Crazy’

If you find that you have mold in your home and want it removed, you may be in for a surprise by the set of procedures.

New York State Assembly seeks to pass bill to reform lead testing in schools
 New York State senate passed a measure Thursday that protects children from potential lead poisoning found in the water at school buildings.

Tucker Printers of Henrietta Fined Over Waste Disposal
The company had been dumping industrial waste into its septic system for years

Worker Health Complaints Prompt Mold Study At City Hall
What appears to be mold is visible in several parts of the Searles Building that houses the City Hall offices

Asbestos Stirs Concern Over Construction Plans
Removal of the cancer-causing material wasn’t included in initial plans for the school system’s revitalization

Tips for detecting and preventing mold in your house
When a sump pump fails or a pipe bursts, experts say homeowners typically can work to dry out household items themselves.

Battling Birds
A Q&A on pest birds and preventing their presence in food plants.

Water Leaks and Damage Most Common Maintenance Issue
Water damage is a common and major maintenance issue that can cost apartment buyers and owners thousands of dollars to repair

Is Your Home a Death Trap?

How Mold Affects Your Health and Your Home's Value

5 Safe Methods to Properly Remove Mold
The IICRC S520 establishes the standard for microbial remediation, which lays out general work practices and methods.

Poisoned by lead: Portraits that will haunt Flint parents
The parents of Flint, Mich., are the most recent and visible initiates into the world of lead poisoning, a lifelong and life-changing diagnosis.

Building Energy Saving Tips
Simple and effective ways to save energy in your home or office.

PCBs in Caulk
EPA has learned that caulk containing potentially harmful polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) was used in many buildings, including schools

Take Caution When Bats Are Near
Several highly fatal diseases have been linked to bats.

5 Ways to Show Support During Asbestos Awareness Week
Late last week, the Senate passed Resolution 125 to designate the first week of April as National Asbestos Awareness Week.

Abrasive Blasting for Mold Remediation
As more is understood about the health issues related to mold growth in interior environments, new methods for mold assessment and remediation are being put into practice.

10 Things to Know About Finishing a Basement
Create a lower level with high style and function.

Many schools aren't tested for radon
Radon, an invisible killer, has gone undetected in more than half of New York's school buildings

Mom Couldn’t Figure Out Cause of Mystery Illness
One Georgia mother was shocked when she recently discovered the cause of her 4-year-old daughter’s mysterious illnesses that had been plaguing her for several months

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Pros
As a homeowner, you should know the basics of finding a home improvement contractor remain constant.

Pet Odors Can Kill a Home Sale
Your beloved pets may provide a great deal of companionship and comfort, but they also bring along smells that home buyers are not going to find appealing.

How to Protect Your Family From Radon When Buying a Newly Built Home
If you are buying a home or selling your home, have it tested for radon.

Environmental Hazards on the Mind of Home Buyers
Homebuyers are increasingly considering environmental hazards that may exist on or near a property

Environmental Hazards: Know the Neighborhood
Today’s ultra health-conscious consumers want the assurance of safety and purity in the products they buy.

Environmental Testing Services Should be on Your Home Inspection Checklist
Most home inspectors lack the knowledge and certifications to test for toxic substances, homebuyers should schedule an environmental inspection

Avon property developer pleads guilty to exposing workers to asbestos
An Avon man pled guilty to violating the Clean Air Act asbestos work practice standards on Wednesday.

Radon is an unseen danger
Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, only behind tobacco smoke

Zika Virus
How is it transmitted and what are the risks?

The Surprising Truth about Mold
It's dangerous—but not in the way you think

Syracuse Study: Indoor Air Quality Impacts Work Production
Better indoor air quality can have a significant impact on production at work.

Tainted insulation a risk in older homes
Old-style insulation, tainted by asbestos, a risk in some homes, but fund can help with cleanup bills

Schumer pushes for funds to combat lead poisoning
To help combat the Rochester region's lead paint problem, Senator Schumer has proposed a federal tax credit to offset the cost of cleaning the toxin out of people's homes.

Fixing Dirt Crawlspaces: Liners or Poured Concrete
Over 25 million homes in the U.S. are built over exposed dirt crawlspaces.

Drying a Wet Basement
You may need an interior drain and sump pump to solve the problem

5 things you should do and 1 thing you should NOT do if your pipes freeze
Leaving a faucet open during freezing cold weather can help prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting -- which can lead to expensive home damage.

Lead Paint, Lead Toys, Lead Dietary Supplements
The lead pipes in Flint, Michigan, are a tiny part of a huge problem.

4th Patient Infected During Mold Outbreak at Hospital Dies
A fourth transplant patient who contracted a fungal infection during a mold outbreak at a western Pennsylvania hospital has died, officials said Sunday.

Sensible Guide for Healthier School Renovations
This booklet provides school administrators, facility managers, staff and the school community with an overview of how to avoid key environmental health hazards.

BBB's Top 10 Scams for 2015
What was the number one scam reported to BBB's Scam Tracker in 2015? It was tax scams. Click on the photo to learn more about the others.

Dust Mite Allergy Information Overview
If you have allergies or asthma, a tiny creature living in your home could be making big problems for you. Although you can’t see them, you may be having an allergic reaction to them.

Acting Labor Commissioner Reminds NY of New Department of Labor Mold Program
New Law Governing Licensing and Training Goes Into Effect January 1st
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